Use more Access Packages!

Microsoft Teams & Azure AD Access Packages = BFF ?! Hi, the more I am using Azure Active Directory Entitlement Management and Access Reviews, the more I am impressed by the possibilities of Identity Governance. The challenges which I am confronted with every day, these are especially Governance, Compliance and Security Topics round about M365,… Weiterlesen Use more Access Packages!

Microsoft Teams – Fulfill Advanced Guest Access Requirements

There are a lot of of settings available in a Microsoft 365 Tenant which were responsible for guest access. To manage guest Access in Teams you have to adjust different settings. At least the Azure AD external Collaboration Settings, the SharePoint Sharing Policies & Settings and the Teams Guest Access Settings are relevant. If you’re… Weiterlesen Microsoft Teams – Fulfill Advanced Guest Access Requirements

Microsoft 365 – Language Confusion

Browser Settings, OS-Settings, Preferred-Language, Regional Settings, …There are so many settings, values and components which are responsible for the user interfaces and notifications. Wrong settings can lead to a bad user experience, licensing issues, or incomprehensible system messages. In this globalized and fast world, it’s more important than ever that everybody is able to receive… Weiterlesen Microsoft 365 – Language Confusion

Another Microsoft Teams Governance Approach – Using Azure AD Identity Governance

Since Microsoft published the Request a Teams App Solution on github ( ), I stopped all my „ambitions“ to create my own deployment tool for Microsoft Teams, because it´s designed very well and especially the PowerApp-Part is better than I could ever build it. So I concentrated on other Governance topics than the creation… Weiterlesen Another Microsoft Teams Governance Approach – Using Azure AD Identity Governance

Teams @ EDU

Überlegungen und Vorschläge für die Teams Implementation bei Schulen in Zeiten von #Covid19 Anlegen von Tenants Beantragen des Tenants mit entsprechenden Trial Lizenzen über den Link: Eine Custom Domain darf nur hinzugefügt werden wenn diese wirklich der Bildungseinrichtung zugeordnet werden kann. Wenn dies nicht der Fall ist gehen die Trial Lizenzen verloren. Die A1… Weiterlesen Teams @ EDU

Power Automate – Lizensierung

Teams Governance Vorgaben einhalten, Mitarbeiter – Onboarding Prozess gestalten, Reisekostenabrechnung erleichtern… Jeder Admin oder Berater der einmal versucht hat solche Prozesse in einer Umgebung zu etablieren, weiß das hier viele verschiedene Komponenten und Bereiche beteiligt sind. Die Prozesse selber sind schon kompliziert, Tools die genutzt werden können um die Prozesse in das Ökosystem einer IT… Weiterlesen Power Automate – Lizensierung