How to retain Exchange Online content – An overview of the different compliance options in Microsoft 365

This blog article should help M365 Admins and other IT Staff to clarify the options which were available to retain and delete data within Exchange Online to fulfill legal requirements. It contains a broad overview and list various use cases to clarify what to use when. The article is focused on methods and features to retain Exchange Content, but also includes notes about their role in the M365 compliance Context.

Use more Access Packages!

Microsoft Teams & Azure AD Access Packages = BFF ?! Hi, the more I am using Azure Active Directory Entitlement Management and Access Reviews, the more I am impressed by the possibilities of Identity Governance. The challenges which I am confronted with every day, these are especially Governance, Compliance and Security Topics round about M365,… Weiterlesen Use more Access Packages!

Another Microsoft Teams Governance Approach – Using Azure AD Identity Governance

Since Microsoft published the Request a Teams App Solution on github ( ), I stopped all my „ambitions“ to create my own deployment tool for Microsoft Teams, because it´s designed very well and especially the PowerApp-Part is better than I could ever build it. So I concentrated on other Governance topics than the creation… Weiterlesen Another Microsoft Teams Governance Approach – Using Azure AD Identity Governance

Azure AD Identity Governance – Access review

I would like to write a short blog post about Access reviews in Azure Active Directory, since many customers are not aware of this feature. Customers using on-prem mechanisms to control\maintain security groups and user lifecycles at some point realize that this won’t work for cloud accounts and groups. Access reviews help to maintain control… Weiterlesen Azure AD Identity Governance – Access review

Power Automate – Lizensierung

Teams Governance Vorgaben einhalten, Mitarbeiter – Onboarding Prozess gestalten, Reisekostenabrechnung erleichtern… Jeder Admin oder Berater der einmal versucht hat solche Prozesse in einer Umgebung zu etablieren, weiß das hier viele verschiedene Komponenten und Bereiche beteiligt sind. Die Prozesse selber sind schon kompliziert, Tools die genutzt werden können um die Prozesse in das Ökosystem einer IT… Weiterlesen Power Automate – Lizensierung